5 Personal Goals to Work on in Retirement Age

December 5, 2016

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Reaching the age of retirement is a milestone that doesn’t have to signal the end stage in your life. Without the responsibilities of work or raising a family, retirees can start focusing on themselves more often. Something that you may want to do in your retirement is narrow in on some of your most wished for personal goals from life. Now that you have plenty of time, it’s a great idea to work on yourself. Here are five personal goals to start with when you retire.

1. Streamline Your Finances

One important goal to pay attention to as a retiree is streamlining your finances. Depending on the scope of your former career, you may be in a good position to live off of your savings for the rest of your life. Some careers reward their employees with attractive pensions and health insurance upon retirement. If you don’t have the luxury of a pension or a large savings account, you may need to cut back on your expenses and live only on your Social Security income and benefits.

2. Discover Your Past

Next, many people in retirement enjoy learning about their family history. Discovering your family’s roots is a great way to keep your mind busy when you don’t have to work anymore. You can start doing some limited research by using popular genealogy websites. Once you have some basic knowledge about your relatives’ names and birthdates, you can pursue even more family stories by visiting local archive centers or genealogy organizations in your city. In your research, you may even connect with long-lost cousins or other relatives you never knew existed.

3. Improve Your Communication

In retirement, it’s also a good idea to work on self-improvement. Some seniors choose a personal goal such as improving their communication skills. This may take the form of enrolling in public speaking courses or practicing giving oral presentations in front of others. USC has several great programs that help individuals improve their oral and written communication abilities.

4. Learn Something New

Next, this time of life is a great opportunity to learn something new. If you always planned to go back to school to finish your undergraduate degree, many colleges have reduced tuition rates for seniors. For those who want to enroll in advanced study, this may be the perfect time. USC’s library degree program is online, allowing people from all over the globe to access their stellar courses and academic resources. With a library science degree, you can learn how this field is evolving for the future.

5. See the World

The last interest to pursue once you retire is traveling. With your future schedule wide open, retirement age is the best time to embark on a new journey to an exotic destination. Many seniors enjoy going on trips via cruise to discover new tropical islands and unique cultures. You can also choose to travel to new countries, learn a new language, and see some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.
The world opens up to you once you stop working and settle into a life of retirement. You can grow in more ways than one in this exciting time of your life.

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