6 Careers for Big-Picture Thinkers

December 9, 2016

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Are you drawn to ideas rather than tasks? If you love the challenge of coming up with new projects but have trouble defining the steps to get there, you might be a big-picture person. If you’ve been made to feel bad at a job because you have a hard time nailing down details, take heart. You’re not incompetent, you just may have the wrong job. Embrace your big-picture thinking and channel your talents into work that you’ll enjoy doing. Here are some career options for those who see the forest, rather than the trees.

Software Designer

In this career, it’s crucial that you keep the end-purpose, or big picture, in mind and not get lost in the myriad details. Designers may work for IT departments or a software company, leading a team to develop new computer software. You will make design choices, decide how to resolve any issues, and manage the entire process, from planning to completion.


Predicting trends is what this job is all about. Whatever your background, you’ll draw on your experiences and research to help make business decisions. For example, you may work with an appliance manufacturer to forecast what features should be developed in a new line of refrigerators. Or use your knowledge of recycling to develop new products made from recycled goods. If money or politics is your thing, you could be an economic consultant or help identify up-and-coming politicians to watch. Learn more about a degree in political management.


This is a natural fit for big-picture thinkers who can combine ideas and logic to create new products. Because you focus on the next big thing, you might find yourself at the helm of a company that puts your thoughts into action.

Campaign Manager

If you shy away from the limelight but get a charge from putting someone else there, this might be your new career. You can see the big issues and love the challenge of persuading others to your point of view. You are able to connect with people by identifying with their ideas and emotions. Read this article for more information on strategic public relations.

Fashion Designer

Can you spot the next big thing in purses? Are animal prints going to be huge in the next few years? What color will be the “new black?” If you’ve got a sense for fashion sense, put your instincts to work in this arena, where you can be in charge of overall design for new clothing lines, fashion shows and more.

Life Coach

Do you consider yourself “a people person?” You can make a huge difference in others’ lives by helping them see the big picture, too. In this job, you’ll help others define their life’s goals, identify patterns and empower them to direct their own lives.

Busywork, forms, and errands are not for big-picture thinkers. In fact, doing these types of tasks bore you, especially when you don’t see the relevance. If it’s time for you to get out of the cubicle and into a futurist role, know that there are plenty of careers that will welcome your kind of thinking.

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