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March 5, 2013

Personal Growth

There are so many reasons why we travel, such as leisure, fun, adventure, relaxation. Travel is not only about pleasing oneself but can also be a very valuable means of self discovery. There are many areas of our lives that without us even realizing, have been greatly affected by our travel experiences. These seemingly small ways travel has touched and enriched our lives are in fact very useful. Here are a few things that we have learned with travel.

Thanks to different travel experiences, we have come to appreciate the diverse religion and culture that exists in the world. Instead of being locked in a world were only what we know and can see exists; travel has opened our eyes to a totally new frontier. Learning that we are only a tiny part of the world that has rich diversity helps us to be more tolerant with others. Experiencing this diverse culture it helps us break any ethnical, religious and other barriers we may have once had.

Meditation during travel (creative commons)

Meditation during travel (creative commons)

Being exposed to different languages improves our ability to learn a new language. Realizing that many languages have some similar terms can’t help but draw us closer to humanity in general. Listening to English being spoken in different accents also helps us in our dealings internationally and even in business.

Travelling also helps us to get the right perception on certain things. When we see how little some have to live by and the problems they face, we come to have more appreciation for what we have. We will leave with a better prospective of our own lives in comparison with those we meet when we travel. This is a great lesson that children in particular can learn when travelling and is something parents ought to try and emphasize during their holidays.

Orphans in Malawi (creative commons)

Orphans in Malawi (creative commons)

Travelling also teaches us a lot about history which is part of all our existence. Meditating on the way people lived in the past and marvelling on the majestic creations of art and architecture is truly one way of discovering mankind’s journey through the past.

If you really want to experience a holiday that is filled with personal growth experiences, places to visit include Cyprus which has retreats for self discovery, Kenya that has a 14 day self discovery safari, Alaska with the opportunity to experience meditation in the wilderness and Kauai with licensed marriage counsellors.

Whatever destination you choose for your next holiday, take time to get absorbed in the place and walk away with a few additions to your personality.




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