Four Qualities to Possess if You Want to Excel in Business

October 14, 2015



If you’re just starting out as a business professional, you may be wondering what you need to do in order to push your career forward. New workers often have high aspirations, and that’s absolutely commendable. Nearly everyone wants to succeed in their life’s pursuits. Having lofty goals may be even more prominent nowadays when you’re constantly being bombarded online and through other forms of media with overnight success stories. Keep in mind that most business successes still work for years to get where they are. People like Robert Bratt, COO of DLA Piper, have invested decades into their work. However, there are certain characteristics prominent business leaders possess that can help you to catapult your own career in a positive direction. Cultivate these four qualities if you want to excel in business.


First and foremost, you must be tenacious, or willing to stick it out even when times get tough. A stubborn ability to persist is often the key to success. This tenacity goes beyond just passion. When times are hard, even soul sucking, it’s easy to lose your passion. Tenacity, however, will overcome any temptation or desire to give up. You’ll need this quality to get past the obstacles and to push on in order to find the solution to even the most difficult problem. Tenacity breeds longevity, ensuring you’ll still be standing long after others have thrown in the towel.


For the times when your tenacity pushes you along your path, resilience is the characteristic that will allow you to recover from the bumps and bruises you get from falling down on occasion. Being resilient means that you are flexible and can bounce back from hard times even more determined to succeed. A resilient nature is what allows you to reinvent yourself in order to adapt to the winds of change that are common in the business world.


In order to survive as a prominent business leader, you will need to show courage. Being brave is necessary in order to take the risks that are essential to profitable ventures. Bravery will allow you to move on when an opportunity is no longer serving you, rather than remain in your comfort zone. Brave leaders make names for themselves and persevere in order to come out on top in a competitive environment.


Finally, you must be knowledgeable in all areas of business in order to be seen as a true professional. You must also become an expert in at least one particular area. Dong so is what will set you apart from the competition and what will get you noticed. Your knowledge and your expertise are your ultimate value. They are what you will need to continue to build on throughout your career as you look to climb the corporate ladder.

Fortunately, these characteristics can be nurtured in nearly everyone. Building these four qualities will help you toward becoming a respected and successful business leader in your field.

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