London Shopping Session this Autumn!

October 24, 2014


Ever thought about travelling to the centre of London for your Christmas shopping? It’s a time of year when there are great bargains to be had. Walk down Oxford Street, take in the ambiance and join shoppers as they scurry their way through one of the most famous shopping centres in the world. From bargains at Selfridges to the latest fashions, Oxford Street has it all … or does it? What you may find is that as you travel back in time and visit the Fortnum and Mason deli, you can get absolutely everything deliciously packed into hampers for special gifts.

London Shopping (creative commons)

London Shopping (creative commons)

However, step a little further away from the main thoroughfare into an exclusive world of great shopping in Regent Street or off Jermayn Street and you may find the latest Apple technology or enjoy Liberty’s and Hamleys stopping off for coffee on the way in Bond Street or Mayfair where coffee may be the only thing you can afford! The exclusive jewellery will certainly make your eyes pop even if you can’t afford it, and the Louis Vuitton style shop may just tempt you into its doorways.

People visiting London will always be astounded by the bright lights of the city. Others are taking off to Paris, Rome or other places on the globe that give them their Christmas experience. Either way, one secret that’s worth knowing is that Heathrow Express are running a great shuttle service at bargain prices and because of its popularity, they’ve extended their promotional offer until the end of November! That’s great news for travellers who book their journey 7 days in advance, making great savings on getting to and from London from Heathrow Airport.

Harrods, London (creative commons)

Harrods, London (creative commons)

The Heathrow Express originally offered trips for £21 and these are down in price to £16 meaning that the coffee you buy in Bond Street is already paid for! Booking in advance is part of the deal but the promotion code you need to get the best of both words is “OFFER15”

Christmas is costing consumers a great deal of money. However, when comparing the price of the Heathrow Express with black cab fares, there are savings of up to £50 with the average taxi costing £66 for the journey. Now that really does make the thought of shopping in London even more tempting!

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