Tahiti Islands, French Polynesia

December 26, 2012

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Tahiti Islands, French Polynesia

Tahiti Islands, French Polynesia

One of the most mesmerizing and seductive that it sure to astound those that are planning on a honeymoon and / or have been wishing if there was such a place on earth that was so close to what we believe utopia would be like, is the Tahiti, French Polynesia island. Scenic beauty and lifestyle as breathtaking as the pictured Gardens of Eden, a visit to these islands feels like a beautiful dream come true. Not just to be confused by being only a honeymoon destination, this place has thrills and adventures of its kind that you may have never experienced before. If you thought Europe was huge and so big to travel just in one holiday trip, wait till you begin your journey on the French Polynesia over your holiday trip.

If you hear the sound of ocean tides touching the beaches, a pirate in us all is sure to take control and you would not be able to stop yourself for getting on a boat ride with exotic cuisines and pretty strong cocktail drinks taking you on a journey towards the Tuamotu Islands which are home to something much more deadly than fishes – (Sharks) and also keeping one of the most amazing black pearls all across the island that you would have never found any place else.

One of the other more adventurous destinations to explore is the Austral Islands, an island so far away you might actually feel as if you have discovered the edge of the earth that has astounded explorers for centuries before our time. For any of those young explorers who want to have hands on experience of what exploration is all about and how the pros do it can find their way leading to the Gambier Archipelago, an adventure destination that will give you a feeling of little “Indiana Jones” ;). If you are not in a mood for some adventure and are planning for a smooth, easy going, pampered holiday trip with your loved one, then you should make it a point to visit and experience for yourself the delightful Bora Bora’s traditional French Hospitality which has been the most talked about destination with picture perfect settings for travelers coming from all over the world. Irrespective of how you have fantasized about performing action sequences from your favorite movies or whether you have ever wanted to bring your most exciting fantasies to life this place has the magic it would take to do so in a manner that would make you feel as if none of this is a reality and is rather just a beautiful dream.

The Love Islands (Tahiti), and so rightly named, these islands have more of site seeing in one place than there is available in any other 3 places around the globe combined. A great place for honeymooners and new married couples who are set to enjoy their very best moments of their happy will find this island charming as it is ‘cause of the floating hotels with room that you have never seen before. While you enjoy your moments with your loved ones you will be seeing amazing underwater wildlife swimming right beneath your room through the glass floors creating a rejuvenating memory that will stick with you forever.

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