The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – Scotland

January 3, 2013

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The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – Scotland

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – Scotland

Like a fairy tale coming true, like a moment from your most amazing dreams coming to life or like a Picasso’s Art taking form the Isle of Skye also known as Glen brittle is by far one of the most amazing destinations to go to if you are planning on a holiday trip across the world to see places like no other with scenery fountains, pools, and waterfalls very meticulously placed by the Gods in an attempt to show us of how heaven feels like. The Fairy Pools, or so it is called by various travellers that have witnessed the beauty of this place, have never forgotten to come back again and again to this place once they have been to this fairy tale like lands.

With water so crystal clear and places that seem to be painted out of a painting, one is sure to find nirvana from all other worldly hassles and things that pressure our minds all the time. The fairy pools are supposed to be one of the most popular attractions in this region with crystal clear waters and surrounding mountains that are covered with Ice-Caps in the winter, this is a must go to destination for both kinds of tourists; ones that fashion a winter breeze enjoying the snow-capped mountains, while others those who want to have some fun taking a dive and enjoying the clarity and underwater wildlife of these pools during the summers. Being just a short walk from the Car Parks this is a pretty fun get away for travellers with their family members and children who are sure to enjoy the site and all the things that it has to offer.

A Turquoise masterpiece, a name given to this place because of the turquoise coloured fantastic trees that grow near the bottom portions of the cliffs running along both sides of the river Brittle is a sight one should not miss while travelling through the river to enjoy one hell of a boat ride. One of the side attractions that you can visit while you enjoy the pools is the Castle Maol which can trun out to bit kind of a muddy walk but not to worry since the Fairy pools are close by so that you can always plunge back into the pools if you want. Visitors taking a walk towards this castle not only go to the place for enjoying the view that it has to offer but also to listen to the tales about the princess who built the castle that the locals will be more than happy to tell you if you have a moment to hear.

An interesting yet difficult to reach journey to the Quiraing bewilders some of the breath-taking sceneries in Scotland. It is a single track road with various twists and turns. The length covers from Brogaig (just north of Staffin) to Uig. The area offers plenty of places to park from where you can walk and mesmerise yourself in the beauty of Scotland.

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