The Phi Phi Islands – Thailand

January 9, 2013

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The Phi Phi Islands – Thailand

The Phi Phi Islands – Thailand

The beauty and warmth one receives on their visit to Thailand is doubled by making a stop at the Phi-Phi islands. Being an island this place can only be visited by two most common means of transport – boat and helicopters, and since there are no airports situated directly on the islands you are sure to use the boat service which includes a day trip journey to Phi Phi islands using ferry service which makes two trips in the entire day taking you through all the most significant and not to miss spots on the way to Phi Phi island. Or if you are an excellent swimmer, you might as well limber up for a plunge into the sea and swim your way to the island. While making your through on the ferry is appears to be the most efficient of all the deals since your entire trip on the ferry is sufficiently catered with “lunch included” packages etc.

Another method to get to Phi Phi includes a joys rides on a speed boat that is sure be adventurous since it’s going to be filled with your friends and families enjoy this personal all features ride to the island. Since its often seen as the “Crown Jewel” of Thailand this island should be given more than just a day’s trip which means that if you have come here or are planning a visit you should definitely make sure to make your stay a lot more than just a day or two, enabling you to experience the richness and beauty of Thailand’s most talked about destinations to visit including a trip to maya bay which is included in few of your sight-seeing packages.

The actual fun of the place begins as soon as you put your first steps on the land since you will be subjected to various shops, hotels, restaurants etc. that are just about the write amount to make you awe struck in the middle of the island. Just like the way you had two choices for coming to this spot, in the same way you could either take a stroll down the erred lands or use the tour shuttle bus service that is meant to give you’re a jungle safari acquainting you with the many many beautiful sceneries this tremendously amazing place has to offer. The bus trip is very elaborate about the tour and makes it pretty important as its objective that travellers do not miss out on all the good stuffs.

Apart from just the tour, this place is immensely populated by a long line of restaurants which in their own way a serve traditional as well as continental food which is known to make your mouths watering. If all this journey and tour on the shuttle service has broken your back (metaphorically speaking), you can be re-assured by resting yourself down at the cliff bar which possess an idyllic arrangement with hut like sheltering hanging over the limestone cliffs that give you one of the best views you can look for across the entire island.

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