Using the cloud to maximize the efficiency of your business admin

January 16, 2015



Business administration can be a chore, but it has to be done, and it has to be done well to ensure a business is running at its optimum level. If, for example, there is a data problem between departments that is affecting a smooth operation, then it needs to be discovered quickly and fixed fast.

It’s one reason why more and more businesses are moving to enterprise resource planning to help them streamline the way their businesses are run, and whereas in the past, the costs may have been prohibitive for many, especially small businesses, the advent of Cloud ERP has changed the landscape.

The cloud explained

The cloud is simply a method of computing via the internet, taking away the requirement for expensive hardware, such as desktop computers and servers, and the constant need to update software to make the hardware run. This cuts down considerably on capital expenditure. A business will pay a cloud provider for the services it wants, and all data is stored at a central location and can be accessed by those authorized from anywhere, provided there is an available internet connection.

Another advantage of using the cloud is that it is accessible from any device, so files can be accessed through a tablet or a cellphone as well as the traditional desktop and laptop computers. With file storage in a virtual location it also cuts the costs of having to store physical files.

The rise of ERP

In the past, ERP software tended to be used only by large companies that could afford it and afford to implement it through their IT systems.

Businesses, especially small businesses that are planning to grow, need to make sure that all areas of their operations are joined up, and this is where ERP software used through the cloud can make a real difference.

It collects information from every area of the business and stores it in a central database. Depending on what the business does, it could cover departments dealing with product development, manufacturing, orders and invoicing, and general accounting, as well as holding client information.

Those managers who have access to the central database can make updates in real time instead of having to update a number of data centers. It saves time and money and lets managers see quickly if there appears to be a problem area to be dealt with, especially important when it comes to financial matters.

Linking up and streamlining a business and how it operates is the key strength of ERP, and as long as all who are going to use it have had high quality training, the software will add serious value to the business.

Another advantage of using ERP in the cloud is that as much or as little as needed can be used, and if more capacity is needed as the business grows, it can be provided through the cloud as and when it is required.

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