Men’s Makeup: Debunked Once and For All

Men’s Makeup: Debunked Once and For All

Makeup is all about elevating your look.

When your looks are at your absolute best, you feel more confident. The very word makeup has feminine connotations that most men are reluctant to try out makeup or admit that they wear any.

But the men’s makeup market is booming, with more men taking to wearing some form of makeup.

Well, men experience the same skin problems like dark circles, skin blemishes, dark heads, trouble spots, wrinkles, and more. Using makeup will cover up these problem areas, so why shouldn’t men use makeup!

Whatever Maybelline ads may say, men shun the idea of applying makeup. Or at least, talking about it casually. Only when men’s makeup is normalized (as it very well should be) can restrictive gender norms be broken. And men may be able to express themselves without the fear of being shamed or looked down upon.

When it comes to men’s makeup, a no-makeup-makeup look is ideal. Not that you have to stick to it, of course. Covering those baggy eyes, chapped lips, and dry skin with makeup to lend the appearance of a smooth complexion and even-toned skin is fantastic.

Should men use makeup?

men's makeup

Applying makeup will make you look your absolute best, particularly if a big meeting or an important social occasion arises. 

  • Makeup lends a more polished look to your overall appearance.
  • To make a great first impression.
  • Makeup builds confidence and helps you carry yourself better.
  • Using makeup, you learn to take care of your skin better.

Think of this scenario. You have an all-important meeting coming up, and you wake up the next day wanting to look dapper.

But you wake up with baggy eyes that look quite unappealing. Or, a pimple appears out of nowhere just when you are about to go out on an all-important date. Wearing makeup can hide these blemishes and lift your natural look.

We all have features we are not all that fond of. A good bronzer, highlighter, or foundation can help you diminish your worst features and bring out your best features.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are only all too common as you age. Wearing makeup is one aspect of self-care for your skin to appear younger and good-looking.

So, to answer, should men wear makeup?

It is all about an individual’s choice and preference. Guys, you are under no obligation to wear makeup. But you can if you desire it and want to. The choice, as they say, is yours!

Why is it ok for men to wear makeup?

men's makeup

Absolutely yes! Dear men, using makeup doesn’t make you feminine (or gay for that matter!).

Makeup on men was initially considered taboo and weird, but that perception is changing. Makeup in men is becoming more prominent in popular culture. Many celebrities sport some makeup before an important interview, red carpet events, or in their movies.

It is not like makeup in men is a new phenomenon. The ancient Egyptian men sported makeup.

They were particularly fond of smokey eyes. Greeks, Romans, Celts, and many other ancient civilizations were known to paint their faces and eyes and use colored creams. Over the last several years, men’s beauty tide is metamorphosing again.

Every man you see on television, in advertisements, etc., who has to look presentable or likable is wearing makeup.

It includes wearing concealers, color correction, contouring, foundation eyeshadow primer, and even eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick. But this may not be so obvious. Of course, the more obvious ones, eyeliner or blush may not be used by many. But the rest? Certainly!

Skincare influencers, makeup artists, celebrities, besides others, have contributed to normalizing the idea of men wearing makeup without questions of masculinity of the makeup wearers arising.

Then Gen Z is more progressive and open-minded, and they believe that painting their faces or using makeup doesn’t make them any less manly. 

Wearing makeup is a confident booster. It can not only correct an issue or enhance features in your face ― but also promote overall awareness of taking care of your skin at any stage of life and whatever your lifestyle.

So, if it makes you feel more confident, you feel better and more attractive, then go ahead and wear makeup! It is alright to do so, but again, it comes down to individual choice, preference, style, and desire.

For men, a no-makeup-makeup look is ideal. There are several products that men can use to get started with makeup should they want to.

5 Types of makeup that men could use

men's makeup

You don’t need an entire kit for achieving the subtle man makeup. These are five cosmetics to get that subtle and no-frills-makeup for men.


As is evident from its name, a foundation is a product that takes all the load off your makeup routine. It acts as the base and is ideal for an evening out and smoothening your complexion, masking blemishes and imperfections, and will make you look youthful and in the prime of life.

Foundations come in liquid, cream, or powder form. You could opt for the liquid form in a shade that matches your skin tone.

Because it doesn’t require a brush to apply, you have a little more control of the quantity you may want to use, and it’s less messy. Unsure of your skin tone? Test the foundation at the back of your hand.

Also, you may want to use a primer as a base layer before applying the foundation. A primer will thoroughly smooth out your face and save you from having to touch up your foundation later on.


Interested in makeup, but new to it all and unsure of where to get started? Then the concealer is a great place to start. 

A concealer is a corrector; you may want to cover a blemish, lighten a mole, hide your visibly aging signs, etc. Have an important presentation the next day, but you were up all night preparing for it only to be rewarded with dark circles the following day?

A sudden breakout just before that date you were looking forward to for ages? A concealer will be of great help in these scenarios.

This product is similar to a foundation, but it is thicker and comes in a stick or liquid wand form. A stick means less mess. When choosing a concealer, you must select one that blends with the color of your skin. Initially, as you are still getting the hang of it, get a concealer that doesn’t require a brush. 

So how does this work?

Just dab a little when needed to blend imperfections into the skin surrounding. Apply under the eye, where you have a spot or scar, and then watch as this magical concoction makes your ungainly dark circles, red blemishes, breakouts, or scar disappear magically!

A vital tip to keep in mind: Concealers should not be more than a shade lighter than your actual skin color if you want a more natural look/effect. Moreover, if you are prone to blue or purple under-eye circles, opt for a concealer shade with warm peach undertones for the best results.

Brow filler and brow gel

Everyone’s eyebrows are unique. Most men may not be too fond of the ideal of tinkering with their eyebrows or adding some shape and definition, or even thickness can lend a well-groomed look to enhance your overall appearance.

Not only do brow fillers help you to achieve instantly thicker and denser eyebrows, but they can also be used to fill in your hairline (if it is receding some in a specific spot or you have a few grays that need a little work) and beard.

Men’s eyebrows are fuller, and in most cases, trimming rather than thickening them is the need of the hour.

After all, well-maintained eyebrows make your eyes look that much more attractive. Brow gel, brow fixers, or brow definers all refer to the same thing – a tool when sparingly used keeps those unruly, wild, and untamed arches in check.

Lip Balm

Chappy, dry lips are always a big turn off. Lips are one part of your body that is most prone to damage. A lip balm is a great product to take good care of your lips. Lip balms that keep your smackers smooth and hydrated for hours while being transparent and non-shiny are perfect for men.

The best you can do is choose a lip balm with a matte or satin finish instead of gloss. It will nourish your lips for a natural, moisturized, and smooth look.

Gloss may make your lips shine and make it apparent that you have something on your lips. It is not something that many guys will be comfortable with.

You can also apply some lip balm overnight and then again in the morning when you head out. It will help to keep your lips hydrated and crack-free for the entire day.

You could apply some lip balm overnight and then again in the morning before you head out. It will help to keep your lips crack-free, smooth, and perfectly hydrated all day long.


Powders will look like you have makeup on, but the bronzing gel will give you a delightfully translucent natural tan. Who can resist achieving that wonderfully sun-kissed and naturally-tanned look!?

Gel bronzers will help you achieve precisely that.

Dab some on, and you will look freshly tanned as if you have borrowed a few minutes in the sun. Look for bronzer gels that will lend a matte look without giving off a shimmery, orangey appearance.

How can you tell if a guy is wearing makeup?

With more men, and even women opting for barely noticeable makeup, there are few fail-proof ways to identify if they are wearing makeup or not.

  • If their eyebrows were blocky or unruly before, but now they are all prim and perfect.
  • If their lips are a little too shiny or glossy, then he’s wearing some gloss.
  • You can tell if a guy has got his beard filled by taking a closer look. You will notice a black, gray tint under the actual hair of his beard.
  • If someone has contoured their face by looking out for any patches or streaks of different or darker colored skin under the cheeks and jawline.
  • Creased white lines on the eyelids is a dead giveaway that the guy is wearing some concealer.
  • Suppose a guy has a natural brown skin tone with a pink glow. Highly suspicious!
  • If the foundation is not evenly applied, it is easy enough to spot, especially if they haven’t paid attention to the neck area!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have debunked the common misconception that makeup is for women only and that wearing makeup makes a man more feminine. Beauty and ergo makeup has no gender.

While women’s makeup is oriented towards appearance and skincare routines, men’s makeup leans towards finding a solution for their problems, like receding hairline, dark circles, blemishes, a breakout, etc.

There is no doubt that makeup ups your confidence level and gives you more youthful, healthy, and fresher-looking skin. Want to adorn makeup? Own it and embrace it with confidence!


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