The Only Accessories Guide You’ll Ever Need

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The Only Accessories Guide You’ll Ever Need

Whether you’re wearing menswear or womenswear, accessories are the foundation of your style. They can be a very flexible part of your self-expression and personal aesthetic. We cannot discount how useful accessories like bags, purses and seasonal warm clothes are for everyday life.

That’s why we believe that a few well-chosen accessories are essential to complete the look and help you stand out from the crowd.

There are fashion accessories that are timeless, which means that they will not deteriorate after purchase. Timeless accessories are a good splurge because they can be kept and worn for years.

There are fashion accessories that allow you to control what is happening around you. However, depending on the vagaries of fashion, they may become outdated or obsolete after a few years. If you want to make sure you don’t clutter your accessory drawer, stick to minimalist designs and patterns, as they can change from year to year.

For your best and most expressive wardrobe, it can be useful to have both a few classic and trendy accessories to show off your fun and formal sides.

The world of accessories is vast and there are many options. It also seems that each region has its own rules and traditions. Some rules are broken with style, while breaking others is a crime.

If you’re looking for a way to redefine your style, look no further. This guide will detail what you need to know about men’s and women’s accessories as well as when and how to wear them.


A Brief History of Accessories

What we think of as fashion accessories and jewelry have been a part of life since the dawn of civilization. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are believed to be ancient accessories that are thousands of years old. In their early forms, these ornaments were often made from natural elements in the wearer’s life, such as teeth, bones, shells, beads, and stones.

With the development of metalworking, metal parts acquired a complex shape and were inlaid with precious stones. Belts date back to the Bronze Age when they were used as a girdle or girdle, and since the 19th century they have been used as decoration and as part of modern military clothing.

Hats have undergone many styles and changes over the last thousand years. In addition, the tradition of wearing headdresses and headscarves is associated with various religious affiliations, markers of social status, and applications for personal style and appearance.

Access connects you to an art that precedes civilization. There are no new parts, only adaptations and new applications of old themes. Learning the history and traditions of your favorite styles can make your accessories even more enjoyable.


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Women’s Accessories

Accessories are the secret to making even the simplest outfits look like they were taken from your favorite fashion magazine.

Simple dresses and a capsule wardrobe offer many ways to show off your style and add sophistication to your look with big, bold accessories. At the same time, you should not overdo it. The main thing is to show a balanced style and pattern. Accessories that are too big can confuse your image.

Choose accessories that will help emphasize your individuality and the things you love. This helps create a clear sense of self-expression and aesthetic choice.


Types of Accessories for Women

There is a wide variety of accessories for women’s wardrobe. They range from formal accessories to everyday looks and distinctive subcultural styles. If you’re new to the idea of ​​accessories, you may want to experiment a bit to find your element.

Also, ask others to compliment you so they can see what you’re wearing. But at the end of the day, your style depends on how much you really like the clothes you put together.

In general, one statement piece per outfit will help you to look organized, clean, and thoughtfully put together. The statement piece can be anything from a patterned scarf to an elegant cuff bracelet, or a big necklace.

1 Types of Accessories for Women


Scarves are one of the most used ways to add color, dimension and coverage to an outfit. There are scarves for all seasons and all occasions, such as cotton summer scarves, warm autumn knits and silk scarves for more formal occasions. Scarves are a great opportunity to add texture or pattern to a simple outfit.

One of the most common scarf mistakes is sizing in the wrong parts. If you’re wearing a big dress, you don’t need a scarf to add more volume. Instead, you can use a scarf around the waist or on the dress in an appropriate place. On the other hand, if you are wearing a dress that is elegant and tight, a big and bold accessory will make your look attractive.

Also, how you tie your scarf plays a dual role in your sophistication and style. A simple scarf can emphasize its style thanks to the right length and volume, as well as an interesting knot.


Bags and Purses

Bags and purses are among the more useful accessories since they give us a place to put our daily necessities. The best bags help you stay organized and avoid clutter, which can kill the vibe of your overall look. There is a lot of variation in the bag world, making them one of the first things someone looks at when they attempt to understand your style.

Cross-body bags are practical and useful for traveling and adventuring since they allow you to keep your hands free. Clutch purses, on the other hand, have a more fragile and feminine connotation, since they tend to be smaller and you have to hold or keep track of them.

Think of your bag or purse in terms of the shape and length. Long purses offer long vertical lines that can make someone appear taller and thinner. However, purses that are too long on someone shorter can cause foreshortening due to the proportional imbalance.

Similarly, petite women should opt for bags that are only as large as they need for the items that they intend to carry. Whereas taller women might opt for larger bags that help balance out their size.


accessory guide in post womens jewelry


Jewelry of all kinds represents the quintessential feminine accessory. It can range from delicate chains and elegant metalwork for more formal occasions to chunkier jewelry beads and gems, leather bands, and other adornments for every type of style and subculture.

Nonetheless, jewelry, particularly the shining or sparkly type, is sure to draw attention, so make sure that the areas surrounding the jewelry have a clean presentation. For example, if you’re wearing a statement ring, keep your nails clean and consider using at least a top-coat of polish.

While there are a few classic pieces of jewelry that are considered timeless, such as diamond stud earrings and pearl necklaces, styles of jewelry are highly subjective. It’s up to you to find what you like and determine what fits with your self-representation.

In most cases, though, it’s completely okay, even recommended to mix your metals. There’s no need to wear solely gold, rose gold, platinum, or silver jewelry. In fact, when gold is paired with silver, it helps to make the warmer tones pop.

If this feels too chaotic for you, start by picking a dominant shade or a favorite metal type to serve as your base. Then use a few contrasting pieces to help bring these to life.

Large earrings can make a statement all their own. However, pay attention to how they fall with your hair. Many earring styles work better with hair pulled back or behind the ear. A well-dressed ear can make its own distinctive style, whether your outfit is casual or formal.

Out of all your jewelry options, necklaces tend to be the most likely to draw attention. When wearing a necklace, pay attention to its length and effect. For example, a long chain, even if the pendant gets tucked into your shirt, can help to give you the appearance of having longer lines.

A naked wrist can make even the most well-thought-out outfit appear unfinished. One or even multiple paired bracelets, or a wristwatch with an elegant band can go a long way toward completing your look.



There are few things more capable of making a statement than a fashionable hat. However, there’s also an intimidation factor that goes along with wearing hats. Sometimes they can be seen as over-the-top, and many people have difficulty finding a trendy hat that flatters their face shape. These fears aside, the right hat can add interest, alter your silhouette, and give you a whole new attitude.

The most important thing when picking out a hat is a proper fit. This not only means checking the size of the hat but also being aware of your proportions.

The right hat shouldn’t just sit on your head. Instead, it should work for you, so put it at a jaunty angle and make sure it’s pointing in an interesting direction to offset your silhouette.

Wide brim hats can offer a timeless look and give your outfit a strong and coherent silhouette. While most people think of black wide-brim hats, any saturated color can help you form a strong vibe, such as a deep olive green, grey, navy, or wine red. Avoid fedoras with small brims. Instead, go for a wider brim and try on a few different styles until you hit the silhouette that you’re looking for. Avoid wearing a brim that’s wider than your shoulders.

Berets can provide a very chic look, but only when paired with a similarly chic clothing style or overcoat, often in neutral colors. Make the style your own and avoid anything that overly associated with French clothing, such as a stripe top or red neckerchief to keep your look from appearing too much like a costume.

Smaller hats can also help to influence a look or style, such as a newsboy cap or greek fisherman’s cap which can add a very maritime flair to a more urban outfit. On the less distinguished side, baseball caps can take you from tomboy to preppy while representing an interest.

Beanies keep us warm in the winter, while also offering a cute cozy style. Make sure your beanie complements the colors and textures of your wardrobe, and go for finer materials, such as a nice knit or cashmere.

accessory guide in post womens sunglasses


Glasses and sunglasses can change how your face appears, even altering its perceived shape and overall demeanor. At the same time, though, the style of the glasses need to match and complement the shape of your face.

Ideally, the shape of your glasses should contrast with the shape of your face. That means those with longer faces can do well with rounder glasses, while those with round faces might opt for more rectangular frames. The shape of the glasses themselves can help to give your face the appearance of a new shape.

Large and oversized sunglasses are a very versatile fashion statement that can go with just about any outfit. However, just like any kind of glasses, oversized glasses come in different styles that flatter different face shapes, including round, large square, and winged glasses.

Even oversized frames should sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks. It’s also a good rule not to let the glasses hide your eyebrows. Make faces when trying on glasses. A smile or change of expressions should not change how the glasses fit on your face.



The most practical reason for wearing a belt is to keep your pants up. However, that’s not the real reason most people wear them. Belts offer tremendous fashion benefits by tightening up the waist and forming any body into its ideal silhouette. It’s also a good rule that if the pants have visible belt loops, they require a belt to look finished, particularly with a tucked-in shirt.

  • Wide belts have become essential to the more polished blazer look when worn over the blazer to create a central focal point.
  • Brightly colored and chain belts can add a pop of color to an otherwise basic outfit, breaking up a monochromatic or dark-toned look.
  • Most flowing dresses can benefit from wide belts high up on the waist.

Keep in mind that not all belts need buckles. Your favorite silk scarf can also be a belt for a sundress or a plain pair of jeans.


Socks and Stockings

Socks are one of our earliest and most familiar accessories. While shorter socks are generally preferred for the summer, and long socks for the winter, you can certainly change these rules depending on the style that you’re going for.

  • Knee-high socks aren’t just for wearing under boots with stocking, they can also go on over your skinny jeans and under your boots for an extra layer of warmth on those cooler days.
  • Socks can also add a pop of color to your more normal work outfits, particularly when wearing rolled jeans or cropped pants.

Stockings and tights are one of the most versatile accessories you can find for altering or adding to the look of a dress. Patterned tights can add texture, while sheer tights help to give an outfit elements of both elegance and sexiness. When combined with a similarly colored heel, tights are a powerful way of extending the appearance of your legs to make them look longer.


accessory guide in post womens color combo

How to Combine Different Colors, Shapes and Sizes

It was once the height of fashion to have all your accessories match in colors, particularly the shoes and the handbag. However, those days have passed, and modern fashion tends to embrace more color variation in an outfit.

Nonetheless, it’s still important to pay attention to color palettes. When it comes to picking colors for your accessories, you have a lot of latitude, particularly with metals. In general, try to form outfits by balancing up to three featured colors. This gives you enough options to stay varied and creates interesting contrasts.

Don’t forget that accessories aren’t just about combining colors but textures as well. Using an accessory that’s similar in color to your outfit but a completely different texture can go a long way toward making your outfit look much more interesting.


Best Color Combinations

Anything goes with a basic neutral wardrobe, such as black, gray, beige, or white. Pops of color help to really bring these outfits together

When wearing colorful clothes, it’s important not to choose accessories that will clash with the colors that already dominate the outfit.

If you want to go bold, pair colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange. If you intend to stay safe, choose primary and secondary colors that are near each other on the color wheel.

  • Black and White – This is a classic look that pretty much everyone has in their closet. It fits certain occasions, particularly formal events. However, it can appear either dramatic or dull on a normal day without a pop of color.
  • Pastels – Light pastels, such as lavender and mint work well for spring outfits and complement cooler skin tones. Similarly, green and yellow work well with most complexions and can be found in warmer or cooler tones for a bright and earthy vibe.
  • Greige Neutrals and Grayed Colors – Color combinations such as a grayed-out pink can help to brighten up an ensemble of neutrals, including various shades of brown and camel.


7 Accessories for Women that Never Go Out of Style

2 7 Accessories for Women that Never Go Out of Style

Classic accessories are the staples of the wardrobe and the foundation from which to build a strong personal style. These can help to bind together your outfits without making you worry about whether or not what you’re wearing might appear too trendy or dated. Most of these accessories err on the side of elegance and formal wear, but there’s a lot that you can take into your casual life as well.


1. Classic Elegance

Most people consider classic elegance to be diamond stud earrings or a pearl necklace. Pearls offer a staple that transcends seasonal constraints. They’re also easy to match and can dress up any manner of blouse or dress.


2. Versatile scarves

Scarves of all kinds offer staples for any season and never go out of style. However, it’s important to be sure that your lighter summer scarves are designated for the summer, and fall and winter knits and cable scarves for the appropriate time. Silk scarves can be a great unifier, working for all seasons.


3. Wristwatches

A nice wristwatch can communicate a lot about you without the risk of it going out of style. This is an excellent year-round accessory that allows you to appear confident and organized.


4. Leather Gloves

When the weather gets chilly, leather gloves are one way of keeping a distinguished element of style with you wherever you go. You never have to worry that your leather gloves are too dressed up for where you’re going. At the same time, they can add a polished dynamic to most fall and winter wear.


5. Statement Jewelry

A statement necklace or cocktail ring can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes time to dress up.


6. All-Season Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just for the summer. However, when we think of sunglasses for all seasons, it’s usually best to stay away from the trendier colorful or oversized sunglasses and opt for something that will work for any season. The key is to get some dark, protective shades to keep on you for all seasons.


7. A Pair of Boots

While shoes aren’t actually an accessory, we think this is too important to pass up. You need a nice pair of boots that will keep the weather out and protect your feet. This is a highly individual purchase and is likely to be an investment, so it’s important to shop around.


Men’s Accessories

When it comes to men’s accessories, many of these smaller add-ons to an outfit are functional and necessary, such as wallets, bags, and wristwatches.

In addition to that, accessories are a big part of how you can personalize and style your appearance and the impression that you make. A few accessories can make you look more interesting and approachable while brightening your appearance.

When it comes to men’s accessories, minimalism is trending, and it helps to keep it fairly simple. You don’t need to wear all of your accessories at one time. Balance is the key to masculine elegance. That means that while it can be sexy to wear some jewelry, wearing too much can outbalance your natural appeal.


Type of Accessories for Men

While the idea of “accessorizing” might not necessarily seem masculine to many, accessories have been an important and prized part of the masculine wardrobe for centuries. Accessories are an important way of developing your style and self-presentation. Here are the most important accessories for function and style.

3 Types of Accessories for Men


The most important thing your bag does is to hold your items and the things you carry every day. Leather bags tend to offer a sharper look that can both be dressed up and down. Briefcases feel a little outdated when compared with bags like messenger bags, and therefore should be used only in the context of formal meetings.

Backpacks have become a common accessory in streetwear fashion and casual dress. They are a commuter’s best friend, particularly for those who ride a bicycle, for the way that they distribute weight across your back. However, it’s important to choose a professional quality backpack that doesn’t look like something worn by school children.

Additionally, it’s important to have a nice travel or weekender bag. A nice travel bag allows you to look good while you travel and it helps to serve its purpose, keeping all your necessities together and organized. Similarly, it’s important to have a fine dopp kit, or toiletry bag, to keep your essentials all in one place.



Men’s scarves are generally limited to when the weather necessitates a little extra warmth. That being said, once it becomes fall, scarves can be one of the first things you can pull out of your closet to spice up your look. Use scarves to provide a pop of color, textural interest, or a stylish knot.

The majority of men’s scarves come in single color cashmeres. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity to add some color or patterns into your wardrobe with tartans, checkers, and stripes.



Men’s jewelry tends to be more simple than women’s, prioritizing materials like leather and various metals. Nonetheless, there is a lot of variation in men’s jewelry to offer the opportunity to draw the eye, highlight certain features, and embrace a favorite style.

Rings are a staple of men’s jewelry. Most men opt for understated rings, avoiding large jewels and opting for simple bands. The luxury of men’s rings is in the interesting materials, venturing outside of traditional gold and silver, such as ceramic, titanium, and stainless steel.

Necklaces tend to vary by style and culture. Men most commonly wear necklaces that have meaning behind them, such as a necklace that was gifted to them by a loved one or significant other. Most men who wear necklaces will choose more simple pendants. Common chains include leather cords for a casual look, while for metals it can be a good idea to opt for a thicker or less delicate chain.

Bracelets have become more common in men’s fashion. Depending on the material, these bracelets can span from formal to casual. They can easily communicate a personal style of adding a bit of attractive interest. Some of the most common include beaded bracelets, which are sometimes combined with solid metal or chain bracelets.



For many, wearing a hat can mean making a big statement. Others, though, just see it as covering up a bad hair day. Even if it takes you out of your comfort zone, wearing a hat can be a very useful way to convey style and alter your silhouette.

There’s a big difference between casual wear hats and more formal wool or felt hats, such as fedoras. In most cases, avoid the fedora unless you’re also wearing more formal wear.

Options for more casual wear may include beanies in the winter, baseball caps, newsboy caps, and bucket hats. Try to balance out wide brims with collared shirts.


accessory guide in post mens watch


Wristwatches are one of the most important aspects of style that most men wear. A wristwatch communicates a concern for time and a sense of organization.

There’s a lot of variety for choosing a watch’s style and movement, as well as the opportunity to customize the straps. Some men will even match their watch straps to their belt, framing their style with a clear theme.

To determine the best wristwatch for you, check out some of our useful articles on picking out watches, whether it’s a solar watch, digital watch, or something less expensive.



Good eyewear can help to clinch together a look. If you’re looking for a signature accessory, sunglasses could become an easy everyday carry. Sunglasses give you the opportunity to alter how the shape of your face is perceived.

Opt for a glasses frame shape that contrasts with the natural shape of your face. However, shape isn’t the only important consideration when trying on glasses. Construction and material also figure into the kind of impression that the glasses or sunglasses make. Many men will opt for a more casual pair of glasses that can be worn with jeans, as well as a more formal pair for wearing with a suit.

Similarly, sunglasses come in a variety of colored and polarized lenses. Opting for darker sunglasses is common among certain professions, such as law enforcement. Other colors tend to be a stylistic or lifestyle choice. For example, amber sunglasses are generally the best for reducing color distortion and allowing you to see clearly while still protecting your eyes.



Belts are crucial to a finished or complete-looking outfit. Additionally, belts don’t always have to completely match your shoes or what you’re wearing unless it’s for a formal event. Instead, use the belt to give your outfit more style and character.

Ideally, you should have one black and one brown belt to help you match and not clash with whatever you’re wearing. It’s okay if one becomes your favorite and most often worn, but it’s good to have the options.



Wallets help to hold money, important information, and other items. With the use of credit cards and alternative forms of pay, your different wallet options are much more open-ended. While many people still enjoy a larger billfold to carry cash, there has been an upswing in carrying minimalist wallets that house a few cards and necessities. This makes the choice of wallet a stylistic and organizational choice. 


accessory guide in post mens suit accessories

Suit Accessories

Ties and Bowties

Wearing a suit or tuxedo without a tie or bow tie means giving up a lot of expression that can truly tie a look together. There are some cases when wearing a suit without a tie can help to attractively dress down the look, leaving it purposefully incomplete to suit a more casual occasion. To pull off this style, it’s important that the tie’s omission appears purposeful.

Ties can be office wear or casual. Silk ties tend to be the ideal office accessory. When it comes to your more casual ties, consider rougher or more experimental materials and interesting patterns, such as wool knits, or corduroys.

A good bowtie can be a simple accessory that lets you look finished without looking overdressed. At the same time, bow ties tend to be less sloppy looking than longer neckties, particularly one that is ill-fitting.


Cufflinks and Tie Clips

Cufflinks pair the best with formalwear shirts that feature French cuffs. Many men will take the opportunity with their cufflinks to show their personality and style. However, keep in mind that in some circles novelty cufflinks can be considered immature or tacky. When in doubt, go for elegant minimalism, such as a pure metal design made from high quality metals.

Tie clips originally pinned the tie to the shirt. However, they have become more of a jewelry object for the sake of fashion. There are a variety of styles and shapes for casual tie clips. 

When it comes to higher levels of formal wear, it’s more conventional to keep the style simple and opt for a fine metal, such as silver or gold.


Silk Pocket Squares

A pocket square offers a punch of color to finish the appeal of the suit. These are most often silk and give you the opportunity to add a subtle pop of eye-catching pattern to your outfit.


accessory guide in post example mens

How to Combine Different Colors, Shapes and Sizes

When it comes to composing your entire outfit, stick to about three main colors. This isn’t to say that you can’t wear a patterned shirt that includes more colors than that, but it does help to balance out busy patterns with solid colors.

Keep in mind that darker colors will appear to be more slimming, while lighter colors will help you appear larger.

It’s also a good idea to go for contrasts when building an outfit since this will add interest and draw eyes. You can do this with a pop of color or contrasting the color of your shirt and pants.

Best Color Combinations

Pastels and Deeper Neutrals – Pastel and pale shirts, such as white, off-white, light blue, or pink, work well with deep neutral pants, such as chocolate or camel brown.

Deep Colors and Lighter Neutrals – Deeper colors, such as maroon, purple, dark blue, navy, and black shirts, work well with lighter neutrals, including beige, cream, gray, and khaki.

Patterned and Solid – Make sure to support patterned accessories, such as checkers, tartans, or paisleys with solid colors and shades.


7 Accessories For Men that Never Go Out of Style

4 7 Accessories For Men that Never Go Out of Style

The accessories that hold their style the best are most often useful or functional ones. This means that you have two considerations when picking out your classic accessories. The first is whether it functions properly for your needs. The second is whether they match your style and can work and elevate most of your outfits.


1. Gloves

Wool or leather gloves are useful and will never go out of style. Keep in mind that gloves tend to be seasonal for the fall and winter or in colder climates. They will look out of place in warmer weather unless they are necessary for your occupation. Opt for a nice pair of gloves, which can bridge both casual and formal looks. Or choose wool for more casual occasions. Gloves can help you to look put together, keep you steady in the cold, and prevent your hands from chapping.


accessory guide in post mens bow tie

2. Bow Ties

While most men learn to wear ties from their earliest excursions into formal wear, bow ties seem to be more niche. A good bow tie will help to give a neat appearance to a collared shirt. They may sometimes be considered more formal than a necktie, but get it in the right color and texture, and it can fit in with your semi-casual blazer as well.


3. Wrist Watches

Wristwatches are the ideal balance of stylish and function. While there are a lot of options for your trendy casual watch, we recommend leaving the sports watch in the drawer when it comes to dressing in timeless formal attire. Instead, pick your more formal watch with a more minimalistic face, and a fine leather or metal band.


4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an accessory that we most commonly see during the summer. However, this accessory is useful for just about any season, particularly in sunny climates and higher elevations. Since sunglasses are protective-wear, don’t be afraid to don your sunglasses outdoors when you think that they complete your look.


5. A White Pocket Square

There are many options for colored and patterned pocket squares. However, everyone should have one clean plain white pocket square that can be worn with any colored suit, from grey to navy or burgundy. While it may sound simple and basic, the white pocket square can dress you up in an ideal clean way.


6. A Silver Tie Bar

Tie bars add an extra finish to your outfit, looking clean and put together. The silver tie bar offers you the most classic and versatile look. This polished metal will go with a suit of any color. Its simplicity also helps it to pair well with other accessories.


7. Silver Cufflinks

Cufflinks come in a variety of shapes and metals. Some are inset with stones and others have novelty baubles. However, if you’re going for a timeless look, the cufflinks that you need in your accessories stash is a simple pair of silver cufflinks. This silver will go well with any suit color you wear, and the simplicity will be nice when you have to go to a formal event.


Ten Trend Predictions for 2020

Fashion for 2020 is veering on the side of functional and minimalistic. This is influencing everything from large tote bags that allow us to functionally carry around everything we need to shoes that are made for walking and aesthetic appeal at the same time. Attention is also going towards more timeless accessories that will outlast our generation.


accessory guide in post socks

1. Letting Your Socks Show with Your Shoes

What was once a faux pas is not a full-blown trend. More women are showing their socks over their shoes and even wearing their socks with dresses. It can be a bold look, but a lot of people are enjoying the ability to incorporate patterned socks into their everyday style. This trend is popular for showing off kneesocks, patterned socks, and adding a youthful look to daytime dresses. Just keep in mind that this style is generally for higher quality socks, not your average gym socks.

For men, patterned socks, such as conservative argyle, whimsical polka dots, and even more colorful patterns are becoming a common part of men’s dress and stylistic expression. However, most of the time, these fun socks are hidden beneath shoes and a pair of long pants. The current trend is to roll the pants leg just enough to expose the patterned sock beneath.


2. Rings and Bracelets

Men are becoming more comfortable wearing simple rings that aren’t related to a wedding band. While these might not be large or bedazzled, they certainly offer a bit of interest and finish to a man’s hand. Try not to overdo it with the rings, however. Don’t wear more than two or three rings at the same time.

Similarly, men’s bracelets are a big trend in men’s jewelry. Bracelets are a subtle way of adding detail. They aren’t the centerpiece, but they can be very important for upholding the style and vibe that you want to give off.


3. Minimalist Wristwatches

The current trend among wristwatches for both men and women tends toward minimalistic faces. This is different from the decked out sports watches and digital smartwatches that have cycled through the trends recently. Instead, for this trend, opt for an elegant, simple face in neutral colors. You can always replace the bands to give it more pizazz.


accessory guide in post ring

4. Un-cut, Rough-cut and Alternative Gemstones

Uncut, rough, or alternatively faceted gemstones have made a splash in the jewelry market. Some of these have even become sought out for engagement and wedding rings. Where we’re seeing them the most, though, is in more casual or daily wear jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

They are a great option for getting away from the traditional diamond look, either for ethical or cost reasons. Additionally, alternative gemstones offer the opportunity for artisan jewelers to put together some beautiful metalwork. 


5. Large Chains and Chain Belts

Large chain necklaces are becoming trendy, fitting right in with chain belts and chain purse handles. The chains are particularly common for giving a gilded look to an outfit, and you’ll find them in everything from necklaces with wide links to the handles of handbags. Like jewelry for your waist, chain belts help to add a focal point to any material, and the style is even showing up on swimwear.


6. Sheer Patterned Tights

Along with the patterned socks, the patterned tights game is still going strong. Rather than the patterned fishnets of about a decade ago, the trend has turned more toward sheer style patterns. We’re also seeing more sheer colored tights in bright and interesting shades, such as teal or cranberry.


7. Vegan Materials

With sustainability in fashion on the mind, there has been a lot of preference given to vegan and biodegradable materials. In many cases, alternatives to leather are being used to simulate its textures while replacing its use. Look for vegan leather, mushroom leather, and raffia, which are quickly becoming popular materials for their plant-based biodegradable eco-friendly production.


8. Large Tote and Soft Bags

Large tote bags and soft hobo bags aren’t just functional, they’re also becoming more and more stylish each year. They make it easy to carry around an extra layer of clothes in climates with fickle temperature changes. Many people use them as a carryall for their commute, or as a tote for all the things you need to make your hobbies work for you. The trend of soft bags is also extending to include soft clutches, which, while not offering the immense space of a tote, still give you more to work with than your typical wallet clutch.


accessory guide in post hoops

9. Large and Ornamented Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are always coming in and out of style, and right now they’re back in. Use them to spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit. Many are also embracing over-the-top ornamentation with their hoops, choosing hoops of pearls, colorful thread-covered hoops, and other embellishments. To really get the most out of this look, style your hair up or behind your ears.


10. Thrifting, Upcycling, and Crafting

Growing concern about the unsustainability of fast fashion has led to the current trend of buying off-the-shelf items using what you already own. It creates a niche in fashion for vintage and affordable clothing, jewelry, and accessories. If you received jewelry as a gift, but you’ve never been on top of the trends, 2022 might be a good year to reach for those pieces and revisit some of your old favorites.



The possibilities of expressing style with the help of accessories are wide. Whether you’re looking to impress someone, dress better in hopes of landing that ad, or looking for ways to express yourself through your style aesthetic, accessories are a great way to expand your wardrobe and change up your outfits.


  • Rebecca Moses

    Depending on the day, you’ll find Rebecca in a well thought-out ensemble that she handcrafted herself, or in hiking and rock climbing gear. An avid outdoorswoman, cyclist, and cat lover, Rebecca reminds us all on the Groom+Style team just how much we need to get outdoors. She’s worked in spas and salons off and on before going full-time with the G+S team. Linkedin: